2011 Herbster Angus Farms Catalog

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Charles W. and Judy Herbster PO Box 549, Falls City NE (402)-245-5170 office


Ed and Mandy Raithel, mgr (612)-859-9815 Ed Cell (402)-245-7939 Mandy Cell

Brittany E. Barker, Vice President of Marketing, (402) 440-4205

Physical address: 65088 707 Trail, Falls City, NE 68355



























































VAR Generation 2100

VAR Generation 2100 17171587

Semen available soon!

VAR Consensus 2100 was our $500,000 valuation top selling lot of the 2012 Vintage Angus Ranch Sale. “2100” has a huge number spread, bosting a +1.7 BW EPD all while maintianing a YW EPD of +138. We are very excited about VAR Consensus 2100.

Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

We are also excited to announce our purchase of "Generation 2100's" mother, Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

Spruce Mountain Blackbird 2304

Herbster Angus Farms is excited to partner up with Spruce Mountain Ranch on the $84,000 1/2 interest Spruce Mtn Blackbird 2304. She is a maternal sibling to "Generation 2100."